Some requests for the future

Hi staff!! I have some suggestions for future development:

  1. Add the italian stock market - 3rd largest in EU and no stocks :cry:
  2. Add some basic infos about companies, like dividend date, dividend yield, and so on
  3. Many graphs have an issue: the line starts like a month ago even if the company is old
  4. The UI could be better designed (look some trendy competitors in eu and us)
  5. There are so many stocks missing, some of them related to large and famous companies, I don’t get why is necessary to ask for them when we actualy need, also because somethimes it could be too late
  6. Add automatic sell and buy (like stop loss)
  7. Some basic info about ETF it’s really important, like by wich stocks is composed and stuff

Hi @romoloo, thanks for the suggestions! :slight_smile:

  1. It is best to leave this answer to our friend @David.
  2. Next week we’re releasing a big update that includes comprehensive info about each company. Here is a preview of a portion of the new UI:
  3. We are actively working on that and will fix it soon.
  4. We’re constantly trying to improve our UI and we will greatly appreciate it if you point out specific aspects that you dislike so we can take them into consideration.
  5. Expanding our instrument universe is a continuous effort. By asking for specific stocks our users help us better prioritize which stocks to add first.
  6. We already support stop loss. Tap ‘Sell’, then switch the order type from ‘Market’ to ‘Stop’ and specify a price. After reaching that price the order will execute automatically and sell your shares.
  7. After we’re done with the stock/company info we plan to address the ETFs as well.

“1.” - there’re a few troublesome regulations/rules on Borsa Italiana which prevent us from being able to offer Italian securities. We’re working on a solution but we’re likely to focus on more frictionless markets in the near-term.
“5.” - The process of adding securities is getting overhauled. Very soon we’ll be able to expand faster than ever before.


Another suggestion for your consideration is allowing exporting at least the “History”.

@David regarding point “5.”, can you give an idea (even if a broad time range) of that “very soon”? I suggested a few ETFs some days ago and since I’m about to start some investment I’m not sure if it’s worth waiting or if I should proceed with part of that investment with another broker (most since only a couple of the ETFs are currently available on your platform).

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@George and @David
Thank you for your quick reply! As someone else pointed out, it would be really usefull to have an aproximative roadmap about future updates, just to have an idea about what and when it’s going to arrive. I read here in this blog that it could be stressfull for your developers, but a good compromise could be add just a new funtion/update per time and indicate an aproximate date of release (like “next week”,“max 1 month”…)
Now, I’m going to show you a couple of graphs problems:

In this first case there’s the bug I told you about, with the line starting from a random moment.

This second case is taken from my demo account. Even if the graph here is actually correct (it starts when I hopened my account), it is bad drawn, since it doesn’t show any differences ad it seems almost flat. Probablt it’s because it should be normalized in a graph ranging 40k-50k (min-max) and it would become much more readable. It’s a marginal thing of course, but it’s part of many small changes that could help improving the experience overall.

Thank you anyway for your support, your Platform it’s the first free in continental Europe and could grow so much early, hopefully. :wink:

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Hey @George! Do you think that for no. 6 something similar to [Buy Options] Recurrence can be developed?

Anyways, congrats for the team’s work on the platform by now and looking forward to the new updates! :+1:

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@mmc_pt We do continue to add instruments now but the pace is slower compared to what it’ll be in a month or two. If you request something, we’ll try to make it happen though it might take a week (7-8 days) depending on the backlog.


Hi @David,
Hi @George.
I resume this post to be able to deepen some points:

“1.” - What are the rules that prevent access to the Italian Stock Exchange? As an Italian investor I would like to be able to continue using Trading 212 to buy Italian stocks. Maybe now that Borsa Italiana will be part of the Euronext group these obstacles can be overcome in some way?

“5.” - Has the process of adding titles improved compared to the beginning of the year? How long does it take to add new ETFs on the German Stock Exchange Xetra?

“7.” - What is the roadmap for adding ETF details?

P.S. Congratulations on the platform you are creating. AutoInvest and Pie are great features! :top:



“1.” We will find a workaround & overcome the obstacles, that’s certain - :it:'s still in the pipeline. We just prioritized exchanges that were a bit overall easier to launch.
“5.” Yes, as visible in our recent sizeable batches, very soon we’ll hit 10,000 instruments. Our next bundles will focus on the rest of :eu: - Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, etc…
“7.” It’ll not happen in the next few months, there’s no clear ETA yet.


Thanks for the quick reply, @David.
I look forward to the new instruments that will be launched on the platform and I hope the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana) will arrive as soon as possible.