Superdry stock price

Superdry share price is not coming correct, I try to contact you everywhere, customer service, Telephone, online chat, email, Facebook, Instagram, contact through account. But I am surprise non of your team wants to reply, or correct the price variation online, today I want sell it but I couldn’t because its price was looks like freeze. I don’t know how I am going to trading through this platform.

T212 shows the closing buy price as 139.50. Hargreaves Lansdown shows 138. One thing you can do is to look on the LSE web site for information about the prices of recent trades. There can be issues with price feed suppliers. I believe that T212 are in the process of changing their price feed supplier. The last few trades today shown by LSE are

17-Apr-20 17:17:12 135.40 4,316 Sell* 133.60 138.00 5,844 O
17-Apr-20 17:48:44 139.939 8,582 Buy* 133.60 138.00 12.01k O
17-Apr-20 17:29:27 139.939 4,210 Buy* 133.60 138.00 5,891 O
17-Apr-20 17:29:12 139.939 2,114 Buy* 133.60 138.00 2,958 O
17-Apr-20 17:04:32 135.407 1,266 Sell* 133.60 138.00 1,714 O
17-Apr-20 16:35:19 135.40 46,400 Sell* 133.60 138.00 62.83k UT

One thing you can do to trade safely is to pay attention to the price history on the LSE web site and use limit orders.

In the day time during the open market there was 7-8 pence difference in the selling and buying price, how can I do the trading, price were gone until 153 but selling price was still about 145, and I already set up stoo limit order but selling price was moving at all, by the time share price gone down again. And I can’t contact to anybody by any platform. So is this the only source we can touch with you guys ?