SUSE going private

I would need some help to understand what happens with my SUSE shares on trading212 if the company goes private.

As announced in EQT Private Equity Announces Voluntary Public Purchase Offer and Intention to Delist SUSE

EQT Private Equity has announced its intention to launch a voluntary public purchase offer to the other shareholders of SUSE (Offer) to buy their shares prior to the delisting.

Since this is a voluntary public purchase, does this offer get accepted on trading212 and they get sold off under the agreed price or do my shares just disappear without any value?

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At the moment, we’re waiting for the details of the event to be confirmed. Still, as per the latest information, if the acquisition goes through and EQT goes private as a result, shareholders will receive 16 EUR for each share held on the ex-date. This number is also mentioned in the link you have attached to your post.

Of course, once everything is finalised, we’ll move forward with the event and provide you with all of the details within the app :raised_hands:

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