Funding Account with Swiss IBAN Number

Now that Swiss Customers have no possibilites to fund the account free of charge there maybe a solution like Revolut did for swiss customers.
Revolut opened an account at Credit Suisse with swiss IBAN Number. This way all swiss customers can fund it on the same shared IBAN Number free of charge.
Please consider this as an possible solution
Thank you very much


really would appreciate this as well. but I doubt they’ll implement that as I assume the swiss user base to be really small

I think you can use Revolut to fund your account by sending bank transfer from your account there?

I have to test it again. It works a few month ago but i read that there is now a limit you can fund every month…

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum but have been using Trading212 for a while already. I am based in Switzerland. I agree that it becomes tricky to fund it if you are based in Switzerland and like to avoid fees. I tried Revolut but they want to charge 6 CHF. Transferwise does not accept the combination of an UK IBAN for Trading212 and the currency CHF… Does anyone have a neon account? Non SEPA transfers are supposed to be free but I am not sure if it would work because they state, they use Transferwise themselves. Any clues if some Swiss bank offers a better deal than Revolut at the moment? Let us pool our knowledge together as a small community of Swiss Trading212 users.

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Hello everyone and thanks to all for sharing your knowledge !

I am also from Switzerland but I have my account in USD since I almost only buy US stocks and did not want to deal with FX impact.

Personnally I have used the neon debit card to fund my account until now.

Concerning your question @Juan, I do not think that the non SEPA transfer are free with Neon because they use Transferwise for that. I don’t know if there is a better deal than Revolut but I think that SWIFT transfer are never free in all the banks.

What I personnally hope is a multicurrency account so that we could for example send GB to it thanks to Revolut and thus benefit from the instant deposit feature (I use this feature to buy bitcoin on Swissborg).

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Thank you for your answer. I agree, multicurrency accounts would be very interesting.

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Yes i confirm now that transfer from revolut to trading in CHF it cost now 6chf. It was free last september. So there is no way to fund trading free of charge anymore

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I wonder if withrawing money from Trading212 to Revolut given that the Funding was not done with the Revolut card will go smoothly. I am not sure if a SWIFT fee will be also applied when the money flows in the opposite direction.

This is a good question. I do not think that there are fees. At least when I have tried in the past with USD and CHF there were no fees.


How? I transfer from UBS or Revolut and have to pay only the 0,7% fee. Please explain.

The 0,7% fee is applied when you fund your Trading212 account with a card. If the funding happens with amounts low enough so that the relative fee is cheaper than the SWIFT fee, the card is the way to go but when funding with higher amounts you can save money by transferring money from a bank account without using a card. Now the question is which bank is less expensive. Revolut seems to be rather good with 6 CHF. I read that the St.Galler Kantonalbank has a 4 CHF fee but then there is a foot note about additional fees depending on what you choose on who should carry the costs. This foot note is not too clear to me yet. What happens if I select the receiver (Trading212 / me) as the one who should carry the costs?

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I have a T212 account in EUR and I live in Switzerland, if I want to transfer 5K CHF then I do is this:

Transfer from my Neon Swiss IBAN account to Transferwise Swiss IBAN account. (no fee)
In Transferwise convert CHF to EUR. (~20CHF fee)
Transfer from my Transferwise EUR Balance account to T212 account. (< 0.5 EUR fee)

Transferwise claims to apply the real conversion rate. I’ve googled the rate at the time of transfer and it has always been spot on.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the fees, and the transfers are pretty fast.

I wish I could have multiple currencies on T212 tho.


Have you checked how withdrawal works with TransferWise involved?

As when you send money via TransferWise, the money is sent using Pooled Account IBAN vs when you Bank Wire using Standard bank/Revolut, where sender is personal Account IBAN.

I am curious to know how when withdrawn, funds get allocated to TW account.

I have an EUR account in Germany and another one in Spain that I’ve used to add funds before plus CCs. I would use these.

Not sure if this would give me problems tho, I have never withdraw anything and don’t plan to do it for now.