T212 can't count/doesn't explain correctly

Free funds:
Trying to place the order of value 2400~:

The error says “can’t place a single order more than 95% of your free funds”
In reality it should be “can’t place a single order with current market value more than 95% of your free funds”
I have been trying to solve this problem with the support for over one month, they gave no solution, had to come to the conclusion myself of how the system works.
Trying to place x28 with market value works:

Please change the error to reflect the problem correctly.

P. S. if you find any errors in the text, sorry, I am phone posting.

I’ve had this message not only when I try to limit buy for 95% or more of the available free funds, but also when I have multiple limit buy orders open if it’s total would be above the 95%

95% restriction is pointless for limit orders.

It will be removed/fixed soon. In the meantime we’ll have to live with it.

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