T212 should have feature board alongside community

Hi Guys.

Don’t know if anyone have heard of https://canny.io/ or https://hellonext.co/

Let’s start: These two website gives tools like Product feedback board, Product roadmap (& much more) to startups & organization’s to help them collect, analyze, organize user feedback & let them know on which features they are working, what is planned for the future. Users of particular platform can have a overview of what’s upcoming & what’s paused as of now.

  • Apologies for my broken English.

My point being that I see a lot of features posts, questions about T212 roadmap & what’s in store for us in regard to new features. These two websites are very powerful feedback board & users can also upvote so a company gets an idea what is the most waited feature clients want. Company can mark tag as which features are completed, which are ongoing & which are planned. I mean truly a customer driven company experience.

Hopefully, T212 would consider & it wouldn’t go in vain :slight_smile:


instead of alongside*

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