When will we see new features?

When will we see new features on T212?? Some features were promised and we still waiting for it …

Last year, T212 was very innovative in contrast to this year.

What the reason?


no idea but I could guess the order of things right now is

  1. sort out scaling issues (ongoing 1 year +, complicated stuff)
  2. accept new users
  3. new features time.

when we will get to 3 is anyone’s guess.

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I’d like to see a backup to IBKR as their main intermediatry before anything else.

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Hey everyone :wave:

On one side, we’re currently focusing on our systems & processes, making sure we provide the best investing experience possible to all clients. On the other, we’re trying to do our best and follow up on the commitments that we’ve already made.

We’ve taken everyone’s feedback into consideration and we’ve allocated the necessary resources to multiple new projects which are steadily moving forward, one step at a time.

You can be certain that there’s plenty of exciting things to come and we’ll keep you posted, as usual.


Kinda self explanatory but here we go. 2 things happened. Brexit and their customer base grew 4 x in 12 months… Kinda hard to be innovative when you’re doing 16 hours a day just to make sure servers don’t crash…Give them time and in a year or two they’ll be back on track. They have the talent to do great things but they need time…


I think people want to know what features are in the pipeline at a more advance stage. I can understand that you cannot provide a timeline on them, but a short list will sure make them happy.


Just as thought, but what other service provider provides commitment to ‘features’ or ‘enhancements’ in development? You’re effectively giving the game away to the competition by doing so before you are ready.

@trader787 I expect has hit the nail on the head, and folk are just setting the bar too high as used to a previously faster rollout of new toys.

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None that I know of. In fact a lot of them don’t even have a forum where you can discuss anything. And the fact that t212 staff are on this forum helping out with questions is a lot more than others offer.