T212 to prioritise IPO stocks

I know it’s safe advice to not trade / buy into IPO stocks but I’m still interested in a day trade, short term position on IPO stocks.

We’ve missed out on VRM today due to slow reaction by the T212 team.

I understand it takes time to prioritise and action all requests by users but IPO stocks should be a top priority.

Can we have an open discussion on this and a guaranteed process on this matter. I don’t want to be buying AIRBNB stock hours after it’s been added to T212 - please let’s not cock that up.

Please can we make sure that at the very least, IPO stocks especially ones requested multiple times via multiple users are added to the platform ASAP.



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Only moved @AdrianUK so there’s a single point of discussion on the subject. I do agree the process seems clunky at present, but I also don’t know what has to happen in the background, either.

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