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Any news so far, guys?

I think this is a good point @marianolatorre. Why reinvent the wheel when there are perfect products out there that have been heavily invested into. A good example is tradingview. I spent several week trying to find a broker that would integrate with it. I finally opted for TradeStation which works perfectly. The only problem with this is it’s too time consuming to get cash on the platform. I’d much rather use a UK platform such as trading 212 to do this.
The internet is build from interactive services all linking together, I totally understand the point about keeping everything internally as it keeps the product within your control. Perhaps too much control. I think it’s time to leverage a bit more of cloud technologies.

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Personally I would like to take advantage of the portfolio and transaction tracker feature via the API.

212 does not currently have this and are quite behind in being close to bringing it to the fore so if an API could provide this sooner, I’m all for it.

Sadly I also think @marianolatorre is probably correct.


I have sent email to them, but, never goa a reply. Also, T212 didn’t reply to that tread. So, I assume is not in their plans. #Feature-suggestions-ideas

@Tony.V - something that could be added to the pipeline?


I too would like to link my T212 to Wallmine having ditched my simply wall st

Also check out Koyfin. No API but some decent forecasting data there.

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I thought the CSV export would work for this, but turns out that Wallmine doesn’t recognise ISINs, it wants tickers, so really its Wallmine’s issue really for not recognising a valid market ID.

Not sure if that’s something a GoogleFinance lookup could quickly fix…?

Is possible receive an answer from T212 team?

It goes both ways Alex.

212 now have a means to export all your data, and Wallmine have a means to import, however both are incompatible with each other at the moment without modification.

It wouldn’t take much to create our own conversion file offline - it would probably take you 10/15 mins to get something up and running.

From a 212 perspective, I would like to see additional data points when extracting my historic data, while keeping the process as simple as possible.

From a wallmine perspective - they need to expand their import interface to recognise more international identifiers - ISIn/Sedol.

Yes, I agree. I also sent email to wallmine too. The case is if was possible to have an API connection in that case we didnt need to update wallmine all the time we buy or sell something.

The main point of my comment was to hear from T212 team if they have something in mind or just clarify for something in that way.

It would be cool if that was the case, but an API would be a much bigger build when the interfaces are almost there currently.

Just noticed ticker added to 212 trade export. Import works now, unfortunately it looks like Wallmine reads the price in the major rather than minor currency.

That and it cant link the ticker/isin combination to the correct stock line, so issue is now on Wallmine end regarding import as all required data is there!!!

TCAP is not Triangle Capital

Wallmine is like 60% there!

EDIT - If you add the exchange location at the start of the ticker - LSE:IAG or LSE:TCAP, it then recognises the correct security!


With some minor updates, the export of trading history, and upload to Wallmine works.

To get it working you need to:

  • Find/Replace the Market buy / Market Sell with just Buy/Sell.
  • Import your portfolio, and see what tickers you need to update on your import. Delete the portfolio upload, make changes, and upload again I think is the easiest.
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I was using Wallmine last year but manually entering trades is very painful.

Also in the long run the service is not going to remain free.

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What do you use instead. I quite like its features and would be good to break away from a spreadsheet, but its looking to be a pain to have to also add cash deposits to get it to correctly work out the total return performance (and not just unrealised returns).

I’m not using anything at the moment.

Found this just now https://youtu.be/CpiltoZI94M might give this a go.

I could run this locally may be, on raspberry pi and may be add CVS upload functionality may be.
I haven’t looked at the code yet.

Also there is investment moats spreadsheet but that too requires manual entry.

May be Fundseeder?

Thanks very much.

I’ve retired to the fact it looks good, but its too fidgety.

What I am thinking of doing, is taking the latest iteration of the T212 export, and finishing my customised google sheet.

Its really fidgety to try and get the total return working on wall mine, and having to fudge the 212 export to feed in. Even then, its missing key stocks that are easily accessible using the google finance logic.

I think I’ve mentioned it before but it would be something along the lines of:

  • Tab 1: 212 import
  • Tab 2: Table of all the individual stocks ever held, current position, first purchase date, last purchase date.
  • Tab 3: A download of all the prices needed from Tab 2 to value securities between required dates. It might need a lock in/reload function to remove formula to speed up spreadsheet.
  • Tab 4: A breakdown of all units held per stock on a day by day basis.
  • Tab 5: A breakdown of the bookcost of each stock held per day (Purchase less sales less dividends).
  • Tab 6: A breakdown of the current valuation of each stock.
  • Tab 7: tab 6 less 5 figures.
    *Tab 8: Graph of performance summary over time - Total Return / unrealised / realised / dividends to date.
    *Tab 9: Ability to change filter to view all google finance stock history information.

Tabs 2 to 8 should auto update.

I will include a means to compare against 5 benchmarks potentially as well.

I’m not sure if it will be simple to break down performance by ‘pies’, especially if the same stock is held over multiple pies.

If anyone is interested, or has some ideas how to improve, feel free to give me a PM.

*** Edit - please see dedicated thread ***