Portfolio Analysis

I would really love to have a portfolio analysis tool in app that could give me analysis on my investments more than just current return

This would include a breakdown of countries, industries and sectors of stocks. It would also be great if there were views to see performance day week month etc. and the inclusion of realised profit/loss, for groups of stocks or individual stocks next to each other.

If this is not possible, or not high up the list of improvements, alternatively the ability to connect your Trading212 to third party apps such as Yahoo Finance, Wallmine, Sharesight for example would be great. Many US brokers facilitate this through Plaid, I think Trustlayer might be capable of this also.

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I’ve tried this and it sort of works. It’s more the wallmine interface is a bit limiting and it assumes the ticker is US first rather than UK or EU.

In the end I gave up. I couldn’t find a wallmine forum for a conversion template to map all my accounts into one.

I use a few, none are perfect. But entering in trades manually is a killer.