Portfolio daily performance

What is the best way to control/watch my portfolio performance today? How do you see which stocks are performing good/bad today?
Thank you


Use something like Yahoo Finance or Wallmine to track your portfolio. Make an account, enter your equity values etc…


(Not a real portfolio)

I thought that was possible to do that on t212 app :frowning:

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Can’t have everything, its a free platform after all :rofl:


It’s absolutely true :wink:

In my opinion would be a very useful upgrade.

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Is any update on this available?


You can monitor your holdings daily performance right now on the graph, or as others have said above, use external software tools.

I dont know what update you are talking about that you expect to be available?


Can someone from @Team212 give some update, if is something you are thinking of?
@David , @Hris.M

I still don’t think you actually asked them to look into adding any features yet, or even shown an example of what you are asking for and what you would like to see.

How can you expect them to potentially build something that hasn’t been formally requested through a sensible request?

This is what wastes a lot of 212’s time, when it could be better spent adding useful features, adding new stock requests when possible, and making more stocks fractional.

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It has been “formally requested” multiple times from other people including myself.


Don’t know why you’re giving this guy a hard time, he was asking for some help to monitor his investments.

No I fully get that when you read between the lines. It would be a nice to have and several other people have clearly asked similar on other threads.

If you read up, no features have actually ever been requested directly for the app on this thread.

I would suggest following this thread:

You just need to do some discount to some people :wink:

The true is, I just would like to have the choice to see my portfolio daily performence easily.

At the moment I can’t see how my stocks are doing. I think is basic, to open the portfolio and see witch stocks are performing well/worse.

Have you tried wallmine/Yahoo?

Can someone say something about this?
Is something that you are developing? Is on your to do list? Or you just think this is not a relevante feature?

@Team212 , @Y.M , @Bogi.H , @David

Trading212 currently shows you your total gain/loss.

I think it would be very useful to see a timeline Daily, Weekly, Monthly and even Yearly of how much you’ve gained or lost based on your initial deposit/investment.

I don’t think this number should change when you sell stocks, it calculates your gain/loss based on the amount deposited into your account on a specific timeframe.


This feature will be highly appreciated. It will help to follow the investments


Yes, much like DEGIRO, where they show the daily gains/losses of every stock so you can easily track better your portfolio rather than having to look at an aggregated number or having to scroll through and open every stock to check their individual daily move!

Please provide this asap T212!

Thank you so much!


I was going to propose this aswell, its a MUST in my oppinion. :slight_smile:

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this would be great - at the moment i have no idea whats moving

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Hey guys :wave:

We aim to keep an eye on all of your proposals in the Community and like a big majority of them, this particular one is currently in development.

I’m afraid, however, that I do not have an ETA for its launch, as we speak, yet I’ll do my best to update you as soon as I can.