Tactics on Industry or Individual stocks

Just wanted to star a discussion as something I am considering in these volatile times and re-jigging portfolio. Putting ETFs etc aside for a moment and talking about equities.

Do you invest in similar/competitor companies as bullish on an idustry or pick a horse in the race.

For example if bullish on payment, would you go part in Pyapal, Square, Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc
or say banks would you go for a single bank (or 2) or go in for 5-7 banks.

Just curious how people do it as I may trim down some holdings depending on coming weeks as feel in some industries where I have 4-6 companies its harder to focus on them.

For me it depends, in for example oil and gas I only own Shell but in semis I own AMD, TSM, AVGO, ADI, BESI, ASMI, ASML. I tend to pick 2-6 stocks from each industry I’m interested which seems to be the best value or have the most growth potential.

So with semis i guess thats because you think broadly they will all win, so thats for a growing industry and you are assuming (probably rightly) that there is enough demand for them all/most to win long term?
Yes I see for oil individual works well as an industry less attractive but Shell a good bet.