Take profit error, result still negative

Can anyone explain why the take profit of around 50 pounds didn’t work and the result shows negative beyond the take profit point? I am loosing money with this error the second time since using this trading platform. Is it explainable or it is the way your money and you are scammed?

@GG-2020 Stocks have both a SELL & BUY price. When you have a SELL position, the relevant price you should look at is the BUY price, because that’s the price the position will be closed at. The SELL price could’ve passed the take profit mark but that doesn’t really matter - the BUY price should pass the take profit mark for the order to be triggered.

Our default chart price is the SELL price, so maybe that’s what’s confusing you. You can change it with a right click -> “Chart Settings” -> “BUY price chart”.