Can someone please help me with this? I had TAKE PROFIT and the price fall down below my TP but it didn’t give me profit…

Take profits trigger on a price RISE. You probably needed a stop loss.

I think this got something to do with spread…

I manage to get this PROFIT but at much lower price…

OPEN PRICE: 3 923.1
SOLD ON: 3 919

So if my TP is set at specific price sometimes it won’t execute as exact price because of spread or is this caused because of some sort of processing delay?


Is it because I placed TAKE PROFIT instead of STOP LOSS? :o

this. a lower price is not a profit, its a loss. check you have the right value and orders for the direction it needs to go.

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It’s correct he’s gone short, it’s because looking at the BID plotted rather than the ASK chart.

If you go long you look at the bid, if you go short you look at the ask when closing the position.


So you sold at 3923.1 with the aim to TP by buying them back cheaper at 3921.9

The ASK is 3924.2, right click the chart and show BUY chart.

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Silly of me :slight_smile: thank you guys that makes sense! thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

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