Take Profit Limit order; help needed please

I am having this exact issue with gs2c.
Please amend if possible. Thank you.

The distance for this version of GME has been increased as well.

Hi Rumen

I am trying to add a sell limit on my GME and GS2C but they are both saying

the entered price value is too far from the current market price

Is it possible to remove the limit? We all know the big squeeze is going to happen and no one wants to be forced to sell at market price. :confused:


Same issue with AMC. Can the limit increased please? Increased a lot

Hi @Rumen can you up the limit on LLit please?

Would it be possible to increase the limit for ALAC too?

LLIT and ALAC have been increased.

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Hi, is it possible to have the limit for BB (BlackBerry) increased?

Heres an idea, get rid of the price distances altogether and just set a maximum number of limit or stop orders per individual stock, its not rocket science.

Can you remove limit from YMTX?

Can you please remove this limit for MVIS and GEVO

Limits for YMTX, MVIS & GEVO have been increased.

@Martin can the limit for CLSN be increased please?

Can you please increase the limit for the following tickers:

  • BNGO
  • SENS
  • HEPA
  • ZOM



I’ve noticed you can’t set the sell limit order a little ahead of the current market price. Is there a reason why I can’t? For example a stocks current price £1.6 and I’ve tried to set the sell limit order to £2.20 and I get a message saying the price value is too far from the market price. Because if this I’m constantly having to check if price is gone up then execute market order instead.

Adding one more here:


The limits for the following instruments have been increased:

  • CLSN
  • BNGO
  • SENS
  • HEPA
  • ZOM
  • FRSX

@Alam18305 The reason was the max pending order distance.


Thank you, appreciated!

PACB, Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc.

I can’t set a $30 limit order as it says it too low.
Current price is $36
Can you please allow a $30 limit order and alert please ?

The maximum distance for pending orders with PACB has been increased and you can now submit an order at the desired price. :v: