Tapering has started in the EU, when will it start in the US?

The ECB do not want to call it “tapering” of Bond purchases but prefer to call it purchase with a moderately lower pace"

Central bank says it will conduct bond purchases as a ‘moderately lower pace’

Normally with news like this, it will send the stock price down for a while as there will be less liquidity in Market.

FED might be doing the same action this year. So it is just a matter of time before FED start doing the same thing. I am preparing more cash sitting in the sideline to buy the dip.

US said later this year / early next for tapering didn’t they? Should be an interesting couple of years.

Probably shortly after the Fed presidents have sold their stocks at the end of the month.

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It is widely known the best stock picker in the US is not Warren Buffet But currencly “Nancy Pelocy (and her husband)”. But no newspaper in the US will dare to spell out the word “Insider Trading” unless they want to experience a witch hunt :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

But folk will tweet their disgust. Because that’ll make a difference, right?

Wish I could put cash aside, I am so all in hard to put cash aside

When Fed catches up in Q1 & Q2 next year Berkshire’s massive cash stack will have a field day in the coming years. My pulse is rising just thinking about it xD

What I normally do is to sell the low conviction stock which is still green or amber and have not turned to red yet. When there is a market correction I will add my position for the high convection stock.

I am always bulish to good EV stock for the long term.

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