Tax declaration in France for stocks


I live in France but I am not French and I have difficulties understanding how to declare capital gain/loss from stock investements. I hope I can find some French people who also speak English to help me a bit.

In France, we need to declare and pay 30% (flat tax) for capital gains (plus values) and 30% for the dividends.


  • For the dividends , when we receive them, 15% US tax has already been deducted .
  • So in theory, France should take only 15% (15% US + 15% French = 30%) tax for the dividends.

Capital gain (“plus vlaues”):

  • For the capital gain , if we sell, we get the full amount (without any tax deducted).
  • So in theory, France should take 30% tax for the capital gain.

Let’s assume that we keep track of all these capital gains and Dividends and that we have the annual sum of capital gains and Dividends.

**My question is:

  • How exactly do I declare these annual values? I know that we need to fill the 2042 and 2047 formulaires. But in what lines we put what?**

  • Can trading212 provide us with the IFU?

I would deeply appreciate any help. @thierryb180381 I tag you in case you have help me.


If anyone knows it would be good! Looking for an answer too

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Bumping this thread, also interested

You could start a shared google sheet template and see what the community can build?

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Trading212 gives you an IFU sheet for your tax filings for the year. Check the support section and ask them.

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Check if there is a double taxation treaty between France and the US first. Or it could well be the case the French government want their 30% on your dividends along with the 30% CGT…