Tax Withhold on European Dividends

Hey guys,

Does anyone know if Trading 212 withholds the dividend tax for European stocks like for example the Dutch $ASML in the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

I know that for US stocks they hold 30% but since I haven’t obtained any European dividend, I will like to know what the rate is.

Thank you

I got withholds on VOW and PAH. It was 26.375%.
Didn’t get any dividend from US stock so far. Do they really withhold 30%? Shouldn’t it be 15% because of W-8 ben form?

the form will put it to 15% if you are from the UK, the rate will differ depending on the country as their taxation treaties will differ.

W-8BEN is only valid for US. Canada also has similar system.

In Europe it is different beast.

Tax are witheld at source, germany afaik 27% , if you want to get 12% back, you will need to file tax return to german tax office.

Similar to France/Spain where they all tax above 15% which is taxation treaty between EU states.
You need to file for tax return at state level.

Unfortunately they don’t have US type system where they withold the tax treaty %.