Taxation in Europe - Directive 2011/96/UE

Disclaimer: I’m not a tax advisor, for more specialized tax information consult your National Tax Authority and/or tax attorney/accountant.

EU is always talking about creating tax harmonization. For example, there is an EU rule that allows all the European investors to deduct 50% of European companies dividends, so we are only taxed in 50% of the dividends of that companies.

For those interested in paying less taxes (-50%) on dividends, the legislation is Directive 2011/96/UE.

For example, a Dutch company with that tax reduction is Airbus (there are other European companies from other countries):

A Portuguese article explaining the Directive 2011/96/UE (use a translator or Google Chrome):

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The previous site is also compiling a list of European companies with that tax reduction possibility, if you know more companies, contributions are welcomed (who don’t want to pay less taxes legally :wink: ).






United Kingdom


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