TER % p.a. for the whole Pie

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Like in the topic name, it would be very useful to see what is the yearly maintenance cost of the whole pie for the ETF inside. Again I am using for this another portal but that’s not ideal solution.

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The Kid document is available through T212, where the maintenance fees will always be listed.

The top 5 holdings (as asked by your other topic) won’t be present there, as they are likely to change over time; but the general strategy will be explained in that same document.

You can find the document here:

Thx, I am actually familiar with that paper and it is very helpful. I am using it as a base for my choices of ETF. However it will only show the TER for that particular product, not the whole pie. Now it is easy to calculate the average I would still argue that seeing this info directly during pie creation and later would be helpful.

As in my previous post, it is quite easy to get all that information from other platforms but things like this and top holdings are really basic information and should be provided for a better overview.

Regarding the insights of the pie there is really a lot that can be improved as at the moment the pie only shows what you are holding and nothing more. Having a breakdown of sectors would be a good idea.

Basically what I mean is a good quality stock and ETF screener implemented in to the app. I would be surprised if its not down the pipeline already. I can see that people are asking for it and it’s a no brainer really.

Thought that will keep the conversation going and see where we at right now.
Personally I think that this product has a lot of potential and hope to see it being developed further.

My bad, I blanked over the title and didn’t notice you were talking about the whole pie. :-1:

Nevermind then!

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