Tesla/ Apple split fractional shares

Did anyone else not receive the full value of the fractional shares? I seem to have had the profit paid into my free funds but the cost of those shares is missing. It has not been allocated to my free funds.
Still waiting on 212 to get back to me.

@Maggiemac2 The free funds are just “unlocked” & have become free funds. They’re not visibly paid out anywhere.

It would make sense if my free funds increased as a result. However they didn’t. And my total portfolio fund decreased immediately after the split.

In theory free funds should have increased by the value of the shares but that didn’t happen.

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This is what i have finally realised after emails backward and forward from 212. My portfolio reduced by £176 bit was only received £69 via desposit. My investment total also reduced by £95 . 212 have sent me the calculations along with the double exchange rate and its finally clicked. The £69 is my profit, the £95 was my average investment value of the sold fractional share.
Just wish they would of advised this at the start.