Thanks for your contributions

It has been an interesting year in terms of the pandemic and the effects that it has on my investments. But I am looking forward to 2022 with a more optimistic attitude and mindset.

But I would also like to personally thank the following people for their input on this forum as their contributions has given me plenty of things to think about as well as challenging some of my assumptions. It has certainly made me a better investor this year and hopefully in 2022.

@Joey_Fantana - really enjoyed your contribution especially with the “Deep Dive” on Beke Holding and remembering the " Fighting Fantasy" books!

@CeeGee - you was the first person I answered back to when you was looking for some advice. I was initially wary of doing this, but your delightful reaction gave me the confidence to try to contribute more to the forum. That I thank you.

@kali - you have been really generous with revealing your investments and it is surprising how close your portfolio matches mine! But most of all thanks for sharing the website for the Performance Portfolio software. It was exactly what I was looking for.

@Vedran - I always enjoy getting an European perspective on things and especially some of the European stocks that you mentioned that I would not have thought of or even knew about.

For the rest of you on the forum, I have read through alot of the discussions and while it has been heated at time, it has not descended to the name calling/bile spewing/insults that most people know can exist on other forums. I have been pleasantly surprised how respectful other contributors are to each other and calling people out when they overstray. Hoping this continues throughout 2022 and beyond.

Best of luck to all for your investment plans for this year.


Appreciate the kind words @Abel (although I hop no one followed me into BEKE on that write up - they’d have a bargain entry point nowadays!) :wink:


Thanks for the nice words @Abel

FWIW I don’t know why would anyone be secretive about their investment strategy (unless you are big enough for someone to target market manipulate against your positions) if anything “I am shilling for my own shares” :slight_smile:

I only don’t share monetary values, as it makes @Richard.W hate me :stuck_out_tongue:
Jokes aside, I’d also like to thank @Richard.W here for his contributions although I’m not actively posting here anymore (a bit tired of the tesla moon and lambo kind of recurring discussions) I occasionally drop by to read a bunch.

Take good care of yourselves people and have a great 2022 where ISA allowance is not raised again for a 6th consecutive year!


I wish this was a problem for me… £20k is bonkers :open_mouth:


you are still young :slight_smile: you’ll get there and be as angry and cynical as I am