The 212 Cash ISA is coming in May

Only one days notice if the interest rate is reduced though according to the T&C :confused:

This is less than other financial institutions in the UK.

The Banking Conduct of Business Sourcebook (BCOBS) requires customers be given “reasonable notice of any material change to an interest rate” (BCOBS 4.1.2(3))

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Hey, just read through the new terms and it says

3.4. You can make cash transfers from your Trading 212 Stocks ISA to your Cash ISA and vice versa.

How does that affect the ISA allowance? If I transfer 10k to the cash isa then midway though the year the market crashes and I move 5k to the stocks isa. Is my remaining allowance 10k or 5k?

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This is not a 212 but an HMRC question.

Its all to do with new funds, if you put 10k into a S&S ISA, and it loses 50% of its value, you can only still add 10k more to an ISA, not 15k.

Your remaining new money to any ISA is 10k.

Hello, I have already opened my tax free ISA this year in your stocks and shares ISA. As youre only allowed one tax free ISA a year does this mean I wont be able to use this new ISA now tax free? Thanks

This is incorrect.

In previous financial years you could contribute to one of each type up to 20k.

This year you can contribute to multiple of the same type, up to 20k in total.


Hey, @Stillfree14 - welcome to the Community :wave:

@Dougal1984 is right - this rule was recently changed by the HMRC, and you can now subscribe to multiple ISAs of the same type within the same year as long as you stay within the £20,000 allowance. You’ll find more information here.

All ISAs that you open are tax-free, so you’ll be able to make use of the new Cash ISA once it’s available :raised_hands:

HI, when are we going to know more information about the cash ISA?

The Trading 212 CASH ISA interests me. Can someone please confirm that monies held in a CASH ISA with Trading 212 can be moved within the wrapper to the Trading212 Stocks and Shares ISA? I get the impression from earlier replies that this will be an instant feature instead of the more long winded transfer process between two different platforms? Appreaciate if T212 can confirm . Thankyou

You can find more information about the Cash ISA at the bottom of page 5 and the beginning of page 6 in the ISA Terms Changes document that we sent yesterday.

That’s correct - you’ll be able to move funds between the two ISAs through the app :raised_hands:

I have un-invested cash in my ISA account, will I be able to transfer that into a new Cash ISA and will this remain within the tax-free wrapper, i.e. transferring the cash does not constitute new investment against the £20k annual allowance? Many thanks for your help.

Yes, T212 have previously said that is correct

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will the FSCS protection work in Ireland as well?

Will it allow transfers from other cash ISA’s?

If you have a quick read of the thread you’ll find the answer.

You can also use search.

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The FSCS protection covers all clients registered under our UK entity. If you’re unsure which entity you’re registered under, you can find that information by going to Documents and selecting any of the Invest/ISA/CFD Terms. It is located in the top right corner, and we also have an article on the topic.

Keep in mind that Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are specific to the United Kingdom. You’ll be unable to open one if you’re an Irish resident.

I’ll save you the scrolling, @PeakOwl :sweat_smile: Kris covered that question earlier in the thread :point_down:

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I noticed this line in the ISA Terms Changes document:

If, for whatever reason, your balance exceeds the ISA Allowance Limit per tax year, the
excess amount will not be eligible for earning interest.

So to be clear, you will only be paying interest on the first £20k in the ISA? I wanted to double check because I’ve never seen that limitation before on an ISA account.

Interesting question! Never crossed my mind that this is what T212 would do.

ISA account could have a cash balance greater than the ISA allowance if someone is doing really well with their investments.

@KrisG Can we get some clarification?

@tejef48757, this point applies to the Cash ISA.

If it’s a Stock & Shares ISA, then that’s correct :point_down:

But does this mean any subscription over £20k (in error!!) allowance won’t earn interest, or if your interest received takes you over £20k in year, then anything above the £20k won’t earn interest, even if it’s just interest compounding?

@Bogi.H Now that partial response has increased my curiosity :smiley:

Say I have 20K in my Stock & Share ISA that eventually grows to 27K in a year.

For some reason, I decide to encash my stock positions and now have only 5k in stocks and the remaining 22K as my cash balance.

Will I get the interest on my full cash balance of 22K, or only the first 20K (and therefore nothing for the remaining 2K) ?