ISA Transfer Out Experience

Credit where it’s due - T212 have just done an excellent and efficient job at transferring out my ISA.

I’ve just transferred my ISA to Hargreaves Lansdown and the process couldn’t have been easier or much faster so I wanted to post my timeline of events for anyone else researching what to expect. I may have just been lucky and it was a quiet time of year to transfer but this is how it went for me:

21/12/22 - Transfer form completed and emailed to Hargreaves Lansdown
22/12/22 - Email from Trading212 requesting some feedback & that I sell all positions as the transfer needs to be as cash.
23/12/22 - Cash balance left my Trading212 Stocks & Shares ISA
30/12/22 - Cash balance arrived in HL Stocks & Shares ISA

So 5 working days in total.

I’ve used T212 for 2+ years and will be continuing to do so in 2023 for my general investing.

Great job T212 Team :+1:


Pretty quick from all parties considering the holiday season.

If you plan to continue to use 212, why did you move some funds out?

Agreed, great service from both sides.

Only reason for transferring my ISA is that not currently having the option to transfer out “in specie” as my portfolio grows makes me feel a bit restricted and adds extra costs & possible risks should I ever want to move.

I was fully aware of this when I joined a few years ago and appreciate its likely not as easy as it sounds to implement.


It’s in beta now according to the forum. You could have waited a couple of months and disappeared stocks in pocket!

Does anyone know what happens if you have free cash (say £1000) in your Trading 212 ISA and you request to transfer £1000 out to another ISA. Would the free cash automatically be selected and transferred?

Disclaimer: I do not know for sure.

From my understanding, ISA transfer is only possible for the whole account, and in cash.

Any money deposited into an ISA is part of the account, so I believe that when transfering, the whole account value (cash + shares) would be transferred all at once (in a cash transaction, after selling out of the shares).