The IUS3 etf is not tradable since last friday

The iShares S&P Small Cap 600 UCITS (IUS3) cant be bought or sold since Friday, the price is stuck at the closing price. The American market was closed on Monday but the IUS3 should have been tradable.
Does anyone else have the same issue? Is there a solution?


When you place an order it is sent via a smart-routing system to the regulated market where depending on the liquidity, the system tries to find a buyer for the stocks you want to sell or a seller for the stocks you want to buy.

Sometimes the above could take longer, once again depending on the liquidity ->The orders just need more time.

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Thanks for your message.

I understand your point but I’m trying to sell in small quantity (1, one :slight_smile: ) and the daily traded volume is around 13 000. My market order is on pending since Monday morning, also tried to cancel and place it again but didn’t solve this issue.

other platforms and brokers may use market makers while T212 only supports direct market access. the result being that you may not see that volume directed towards you since they aren’t happening in open market.

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Thanks for your comment.
I didn’t think about this but it makes sense.
But the price still didn’t update on the T212 platform, it’s stuck on Friday close (71.18 EUR). Even if my order doesn’t get executed for some reason, I should be able to see the current price. or at least somewhat close to it but in this particular case, the price wasn’t updated at all.

The current price is 71,10 according to google but it was 71.95 on Monday. I know it’s not a huge amount in my case but if happened to this instrument, it means that it can happen to others too.