The relationship between interest rate hike & Nasdaq QQQ, high growth stocks

Interest rate increase by 1% correlate to about 10% down in Nasdaq QQQ (growth stocks). said this analyst.

About the figure of down 10% orelation, I am not quite sure. But people could definitely see that there is a corelation between the two.

When there is an interest rate hike it is probably good to evaluate the buying zone of what is considered cheap to add more position. What was considered cheap in the past might not be cheap anymore if there is an interest rate hike, and therefore the buying zone will need to be adjusted to refect this ?

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And this is why I’m a buy and hold investor. Trying to pick ‘bottoms’ and ‘tops’ and entry points of the market is almost impossible. Virus, interest rates, China, world war, inflation whatever it is just cover your eyes and hold long term is the way to go. I’ve held QQQ for a few years now and will continue to hold it for many more.


Whats are peoples thoughts on EQQQ vs CNX1