There is not enough information provided


I loaded my CFD so that I could long/short. Only then I discover that I can’t do either on my selected property. It would have been nice if this information was clear before I tried.


I cannot now transfer this amount to my ISA (to go long), so I have to go through the rather tedious task of removing that money and waiting a week to get it back, or just leave it there doing little to nothing.


I placed another amount in my ISA to make the trade. The details of the stock state “Minimum traded quantity: 0.1”. Tried to put a Stop Limit order in (as I’ll be busy when the NYSE opens), just to be told that there is a minimum value needed to place a Stop Limit. le sigh

None of this information is clearly available to me¹ so I’m going to have to faff about with the mobile app while I’m busy, or just have two amounts now sat doing nothing. They could have been earning a whopping 0.5% interest p.a. in my crappy savings account!

Part sarcasm, points still valid.

As an aside: I’ve been getting more and more sick of these horrible surprises so I tried opening two accounts elsewhere. The KYC doesn’t work for either of those services. :rofl:
Might put some money on the gee gees. :horse_racing:

¹ I realise that some of this information has actually been made available, but that was a while ago and I forgot. It should be made clear.

Hello @Kennybobs ,


I suppose you are referring to the restriction of Buying/Selling on some instruments on CFD. The maximum quantity of each instrument is subject to an immediate change without prior notice as a risk management decision. There are a couple of posts in the Community discussing the topic, such as this one.


If I understood correctly your inquiry here - You can transfer your free funds from CFD to your ISA in the Manage funds tab, which will save you the procedure of withdrawing the funds from CFD and redepositing them back on ISA. For further instructions:


The increase in the minimum value of the pending orders on ISA and Invest had been made public through this post, as well as this Help Center article.

If you face any doubts about the specifics and procedures of the platform, you can use the Community/Help Center search button or contact our Customer Care Team through the the following form.


Which is why this is in the help section and doesn’t require snarky comments. I suspect most people can figure this out.

Thanks @Y.M

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