Thinking of building a product to manage my Networth and Retirement (FIRE) Plan, would you join the waiting list?

Hi everyone - I think it’s fair to say if we are investing with Trading 212, we are likely on the path to early retirement. I currently use a crazy huge Google Sheet, it’s a mess TBH. It has all my liquid assets and liabilities with day-by-day performance since inception.

It’s been really helpful in these volatile times, looks at your performance over multiple years is helpful when the market/news etc thinks hourly/daily. Also once you end up with multiple asset classes across multiple brokerage accounts it becomes a nightmare.

Anyway, I’m think of turning this into an app. I would basically take the following and put it into a beautiful/clean website & app. e.g. I have 3 different brokerage accounts and multiple liabilities. I can see in real-time and over time my performance. Also I have an exact plan for next 10 years of how much I’ll invest per month and the end result. This would have been great at the beginning to have everything in your pocket.

Other features would include:

  • Saving rate (month-by-month)
  • Crowd sourced stock analysis & DCF models e.g. “1,242 people DCF models calculate, $XYZ can provide a 24% CAGR for next 10 years. Based on a market cap of $1.5T by 2032 (15 PE ratio), $XYZ current market cap is $174B.”

Question is: would you actually use this? And would you pay for it? If so, what would you happily pay?

Anything to help me retire early I would pay for. But maybe it’s just my bias, want to know what you think.

I don’t want to spoil your party, but have you seen MoneyHub? Its free for the first 6 months then £9.99 a year. It can see my income vs savings / expenses, and the growth of my personal wealth.

Thanks for saving me the time, looking on the website now…have you used it?

Yes I do. I used to use MoneyDashboard(former investor that got shafted by bad management hence sale). I quite like it. There is a thread on it, but it links in all my banks, savings and investment accounts, and tracks your balance over time. Any account it cant link to, you can create a ‘manual account’ and update the balance/date when you like. I tend to just do month end for them.

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If you use Sweatcoin app from time to time you’ll be able to find one year of Moneyhub in exchange for few of yours sweatcoins.

Usually I don’t find trackers helpful as they usually need to be really custom or cover everything I want it too. So unless it does everything I want it too I’d stick to my free spreadsheet. Just to be honest and not hype you up