TLRD/Tailored Brands Inc unable to Trade

Hi all

Has TLRD been delisted/removed ability to trade via Trading 212?

My last purchase of this stock was 20th July 2020.

Hi, I can still see them in Invest.

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Thank you for replying Rygel, i also checked my ISA, and just tried to purchase, it says it will allow 0 purchase. Is this the same for you if you try to purchase 1 share?

When I want to buy it does say that trading Tailored Brands is temporarily suspended.
I just googled and it was delisted from NYSE, after filing for bankruptcy, and now only available to OTCMKTS.,delisting%2C%20according%20to%20an%20Aug.

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THANK YOU RYGEL :slight_smile: really appreciated, i’ll also follow the link and have a look online as i may still own the share quantity.

Though my ISA TLRD doesn’t say suspended, I may need to contact customer service as i’m always having an issue using the platform.

You should be able to sell them, but for sure you will not be able to buy more.
Good luck and Happy Investing.

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