Top 10 ETF to hold for 10 Years?

What do think, what would be your pick for 10 ETF which you would like to hold for long term?

Only need two:


As @Dougal1984 says, you don’t need many: VWRP alone will do the trick for most people. I may be wrong but, if I remember rightly, VWRP doesn’t include smallcaps, so, long term, it could be worth adding something like WLDS.

You could lower your costs by splitting it between two ETFs such as VEVE and VFEM. Similarly, you could divvy it up further by region: VEUR, VAPX, VFEM, VNRT, VJPN: which would be cheaper again but more of a pain to manage.

Beyond that, you could reasonably add ETFs for different assets such as bonds, property and commodities, if you wanted exposure.

I would try to keep it simple and avoid adding relatively expensive ETFs for every trend under the sun: cloud computing, cybersec, automation, games, vegan sausage rolls, sustainable cabbages and so on – iDespair sometimes! :smiley:

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Have you considered iShares

World SRI

SUSW (EUR Acc) €
SUWS (USD Dist) $

SRI: focus on companies in the top 25% of each sector based on value-based screening of ESG scores and excludes controversial business areas

World ESG Enhanced

EGMW (USD Acc) £
EEWG (USD Dist) £
EEWD (USD Dist) $

Enhanced: focus on companies with strong ESG ratings and lower carbon footprints, while limiting the tracking error target from the traditional benchmark

World ESG Screened

SAWD (USD Acc) $
SDWD (USD Dist) $
S6DW (USD Dist) €

Screened: removes controversial business areas by screening out seven sectors: controversial weapons, nuclear weapons, UN Global Compact violators, thermal coal, tobacco, civilian firearms, tobacco, and oil sands

Like the above, VWRP is a no brainer forever. It’s my second largest holding with a low fee of 0.22%

The first being VUSA as I’m biased towards the US market with an even lower fee of 0.07%.


Phil makes a good point though. With the 0.15% FX fee, you will want to pick an ETF in your own currency.

The advantage of something like VWRP means you just keep buying it without having to think much about rebalancing your ETFs. You could even go 50/50 with two global ETFs.

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I’m very fond of the iShares MSCI ACWI which also contains emerging markets.
I complement it with MSCI World Small Cap.

I mainly listed them as they provide a nicer alternative to VWRP by backing companies that don’t ■■■■ up the planet. :sweat_smile:

Whilst they provide less exposure VWRP (3566), SAWD (1503), EGMW (1401), SUSW (403) they offer better returns currently.

As you can see below its fairly aligned, and if you see top holdings it’s mostly the same.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 at 12.00.03

Screenshot 2021-06-08 at 12.00.42

Screenshot 2021-06-08 at 12.01.00

Screenshot 2021-06-08 at 12.01.17

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