Top 100 Performing Funds of 2020

Afternoon all

Don’t know if anyone subscribes to Yodelar Magazine, but I grabbed a free issue this month, which listed the Top 100 performing funds of the year.

Unfortunately I’m unable to attach the PDF, but here is the list in JPG form;

Very happy to see 7 of my SIPP choices in the Top 20.

Anyone else do well?



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In my HL ISA, I’m basically all in between SMT & USA. So very happy :smiley:
I personally feel trust’s slightly outperform funds. But that’s my gut feeling.
Thanks for sharing as great stats.

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Those aren’t ETFs right?

No, mutual funds.

Ah ok, I missed my favorite ETFs which seem to outperform almost all of them

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cough-smartarse-cough :wink:

Those ETFs sector specific or index specific?

(and how the hell do you get gifs working on this thing??!)

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Top performing ETFs of the year added here;

Lot of leveraged ETFs there that skew the stats.


Too bad the American fund is not on Trading 212.

‘USA’ Investment Trust follows the same strategy. And came top of its class;

One to think about.



Go to or, search a gif, copy the image URL and paste it here. Voila.


Ooft. Y’all in trouble now!

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Has anyone found anything that shows the last 5-10 years. Would be interesting to see which ones are up there due to luck in how the markets panned out.

For the funds the 5yrs data is up there. Not 10yr unfortunately.

For the Trusts and ETFs I haven’t looked for more but presume justetf might help for the latter.