TQQQ not available to buy?

I would like to buy TQQQ ETF , while is available on the platform but says its not available to buy?

Is there a temporary hold or any other way to buy it?

Also when I buy a stock/share I can see the sell price is lower then the price actually shown, I am guessing that’s Trading 212 margin, is there a way to view the sell price before we buy the stock to get an idea?

Thank you

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Can you post a screenshot of that price difference? As far as I know making money on spreads is done only on cfd account

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It my first day on the invest account, all my trades are showing the difference, not sure if I am doing any thing wrong but clearly there is a difference in current and sell price.

I started couple of months ago, so I am new myself

  1. Current price is the ask price I think, better use candlesticks for clarity

  2. I recommend using limit orders to prevent that from happening

  3. There is a recent thread on this issue with pending orders (argo). From what I understood trading212 uses trade venue that can lead to very delayed order execution.
    That argo stock is very illiquid and I had issues with buying and selling both with market and with limit today, I sold everything with market order today cause I got scared limit order would get delayed. It was well below price

whats a limit order, is this like top loss or similar?

and how to use it?

I am here for the long run so I am not too bothered with small dips … will leave the stock for a while and will see,

Just be careful with argo, it had a pretty healthy rally already

Limit buy means you buy only at your desired price or better

Limit sell means you sell only at your price or better

Problem is execution is not always possible if stock is illiquid or trading venue is supoptimal

I recommend searching investopedia order types. They have a vast and comprehensive collection of info for investors and traders

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cheers mate, i will have a look