Unable to buy any sort of stock, or Indicies

Unable to buy any sort of investment instrument on this platform. Firstly, Is any body else experiencing this? “Maximum quan. to purchase this instrument is 0”

Secondly, why and what is the point of using this platform if we cant even invest our money here?

Thirdly, are other platforms prohibiting trading?

I don’t want to stir an aggressive conversation but Insight would be welcome.

@KB31.93 Stocks, Indices & Gold’s BUY quantities are temporarily reduced to 0. Other financial instruments don’t have such restrictions in place.

I beg to differ. I’ve had a load of things come up in CFD that I’ve wanted to buy, and keep getting the same message. It’s getting to the point of considering changing platform


thanks David… any idea when these temporary restrictions will be reviewed?

Don’t count on it any time soon. There’s a danger the clients may be able to hedge positions or to place orders in the direction the market is going.

There’s no point. They always pass the baton, deny any sort of wrongdoing and suggest it is in some way intended to protect you. It’s nonsense.

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Is that why i cant find QQQ on invest ?

you can’t find QQQ because it is a US ETF that is not UCITS compliant. there is a UCITS version available with similar ticker EQQQ.

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Oh i see, but it was available, it was one of the charts that i had open .

Its likely listed in error and not completely gone due to people holding a position in it.