TR212 portfolio management and Pies

Hi. I am still waiting for a better portfolio management and the possibility to ‘built’ pies in the web version. I think many of us still prefer watching a movie in the cinema in a big screen instead of in a 24 inches TV…

Besides that, thanks for the great job and platform.

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You can build pies in the Web beta:


Thank you very much for the information James. Regards.

I have a largely diversified portfolio management and seeing the overall % return on them isn’t helpful. A stock may be showing a positive return, but hiding a drop in price in the short run. I need to be able to filter the returns on my list as with the individual stocks, so I can see Daily, weekly, monthly etc. To follow a mean value investing trend, I like to identify when stock in my investments may have gone up or down on the day, as I may be waiting on an entry point to buy more of a successful investment.