Updates for T212

Please consider the following updates/additions to the app:

  1. Level 2 order book data
  2. Ability to split/sort the active shares according to exchange so to be able to see what shares I have in london stock exchange and others.
  3. Ability to see stocks that are not in the pies

I will be adding as I go :). Apart level 2 data they are simple graphics

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Number 3 is already a feature in the Web platform, soon coming to the apps.

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Hi. Thanks. What I meant actually is to tell apart in the view what stocks are part of the pie and what are not. So perhaps a graphic icon in the stock row that would tell that I have stakes in a pie or standalone or both. And perhaps if I have both then once one taps on the stock to see how much is invested in the pie and how much is in a day or a swing trade. Kind of thing… :slight_smile:

Possibility to see the performance of portfolio daily, easy for each stock.

the web app has a button you press which literally separates the lists to show only what matches your selection. for shares; pie shares, manual shares, both. then on the pie tab; manual pie, autoinvest pie, both.

there is no point adding additional identifiers when they can be separated.

as for day and swing trading, besides that not being the purpose behind the account design, you couldn’t show such comprehensive data in the list without pointless clutter which distracts from the point of having a simple list.

Number 2 would be a great feature. As would sorting by size of holding.

Yep that is what I mean. Would be great to see that in the app too.

Level 2 data would be good as well as news. At the moment I have Webull just to view level 2 and news as well as Yahoo Finance to quickly see news and extended hours. So many things could be included to make the app far more useful and enticing to new customers.

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