Issue with return price on Tesla


I’ve just logged on to sell a tesla share that I’ve had since Friday, bought it at 816.650, it as hit well over 828.91 yet my return has been in the negative as per the screenshot, please help as ive been forced to hold onto it and not sell


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Same! I’m having the same issue. The exchange rate cant be that high.

Maybe currency exchange rate?

Exchange rate has changed that much. Its not a glitch

@Rukhsana The GBP/USD exchange rate at the time of purchase was 1.217120001, now it’s > 1.233, that’s the reason.

Could we add a notification before someone buys their first different currency stock that exchange rates fluctuations can have an effect on returns? Such a common question here maybe need to make it really clear to new investors from the start


@David @cavanhagan thank you so much, I did suspect it might be exchange rate related but had no idea it had fluctuated to that level.
Thanks for the quick responses, appreciate it.

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+1 for this.( Or maybe have a sticky post with the title "negative return when the sell price is higher than the buy price) where we could explain the currency exchange rate for new members)

Using currency symbols in columns could be useful as well, e.g. price and current price will have usd (for some stocks) while return has eur or gbp. But it could clutter the portfolio a little bit.

Good idea. I’ve seen this question here so often. A quick popup in the app would be useful.

i would love this especially for the table with my open positions

We will fix the ‘communication’ issue about the FX effect on investment returns as soon as we clear up our current tasks :slight_smile:


Good that i found you post. was going to ask the same question! Nevertheless, @Vincent did $20 on tesla and he still was - 2GBP. That means you can have a profit today but tomorrow you may not cause of the exchange rate. That can throw people off, ain ?

Wouldnt be possible to have different wallets for the currencies ? USD, GBP and EURO ?

So you could choose when transfer the funds depending on the exchange rate and not being locked in the current exchange rate at the time of the sale.

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We will be evaluating the need of separate “wallets”, however, no promises yet.


great idea about different currencies, but I suspect it will cost T212 a fortune to maintain foreign currency accounts…