Trading 212 Invite For Free Share Finished?


I’ve invited a few friends over the last few months and I’ve been very careful to make sure they see the banner at the top of trading 212 showing as ‘invited’ when they click my link…

But I’ve just noticed that there is no longer a banner for free shares and my link just seems to go to the standard page. . .

Is the offer over ? It’s still showing on the app but there is no mention of inviting a friend for a free stock on the website anymore?

Can anyone confirm if the links still work and the offer is still active?


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I haven’t heard of it being turned off. In fact they just gave unlimited referrals to content creators so I assume they weren’t planning on ending the promotion anytime soon. Plus I got a free share a few days ago, so I’m near 100% certain it’s continuing. Not sure what your issue is, are you sure when you click the link you’re not logged into your account? Obviously the free share banner won’t show if you’re already logged in. If you feel you were owed some free shares sending a ticket to support with the details may help

@fas The promotion is up and running, but I guess that the confusion is provoked from the redesign (still ongoing) of our official page. Nonetheless, do not hesitate to send me a DM if you have a specific case with a referral which you’d like to check further.

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Thanks Cavanhagan & Tony.V

I hope you add back the ‘you have been invited’ onto the homepage when an invite link has been used and you also add something about the free share scheme when the redesign is complete. It was hard to convince my friend that you are still running a free share scheme for joining when there are no details on the homepage anymore and the link takes you to the standard homepage.

Thanks again

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Hey Fas, I noticed the exact same thing. Checked this with multiple browsers/devices and there is definitely no banner mentioning “You have been invited by a friend” so don’t worry, you’re not alone with this!

Hopefully, it will be added back soon enough, will just help clear things up for everyone again. :ok_hand:

It’s just the visual details on the homepage that are missing - we’re working to resolve this. Other than that - the promo is working like a charm. :v:

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Also cant find how to generate an invite link in app. No get free share link available.

@Rolandas It’s bacause the promotion not currently available in your region.

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Please read:

Point 1.a: You and Your Referral have to be residents of one of the following countries:
The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Spain, Ireland, Italy or The Netherlands.

Eastern Europe is not there, unfortunately (I say this because I’m from Romania)

Thanks for explanation, sad that is not available

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Also was thinking the same here. Have not seen any shares come through recently.

Yeah I must admit, I’ve not had any free shares in weeks! Definitely not like normal… usually get at least 1 every week / 2 weeks… does make me wonder if it’s tracking properly.

At least it’s not just myself noticing this though.

How do you manage to get a free trade every week or two, I thought the limit was 20(I’m at 5 btw :roll_eyes:)