Trading 212 now features the world’s most advanced charts - TradingView

Always did a long click, just noticed scrubbing right away gives the same result :joy:

While you working on implementing Trading View on your website. Could you try to implement those:

  • switching between stock (via watchlist), like Trading view does it - rather than loading each stock onto new window (as it’s now) - would be huge improvement
  • I assume you will have multi window feature (related to above) just like Oanda implemented Trading View graphs
  • and last - WATCHLISTS EDITOR - I presume your watchlist are codes as some sort of trees (like a folder trees of folders in the folder, finally files - “stocks”. If you would like to grasp better what I mean then look at Bookmark Editor in Chrome, or Bookmark/Favourite editor in Safari

Hope some of those improvement can be implemented. And finally…

Are you planning to become one of the linked broker of Trading View ??? that would be great.

I’ve already researched an tried 3-4 brokers which are linked to Trading View as I love the integration, not saying that I am leaving, just pointing the fact that the integration is great and I see the first signs that it could happen one day.


As a newbie just starting out Trading View seems a really good platform to use in conjunction with T212
I work from my laptop though so is there a timeframe please for when this may be available online at all?
Many thanks

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this is useful information

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Our sights are set on the first half of 2023, @Hampshire101.

We’ll keep you posted… :hourglass:

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Oddly TradingView’s UK coverage has gone back to a 15 min delayed view today (possibly earlier but I noticed this morning).

@B.E - can you confirm if this has had any impact on T212’s charts please?


No, it hasn’t, @Joey_Fantana. The TradingView’s integration is purely visual. Live prices are received directly from our quotes provider.



Is there any update on the TradingView integration for PC yet?

Thank you.

Hey, @britsy_em :wave:

While the introduction of our most recent features slightly pushed the date back, we continue working actively on bringing TradingView’s charts to the web app.

The current aim is to complete this by the end of the year. We will let you know as soon as we have any further updates :raised_hands:


Thank you for confirming.

When you have tradingView charts on the web/desktop platform will we be able to run our own pine scripts/indicators on the charts? I have custom pine script indicators on TradingView that I use to analyse charts and it would be great if they could run on the charts within T212

Too early to say, but I do understand how convenient it will be to be able to run your own scripts and indicators.

I’ll pass your feedback onward and will let you know as soon as I have more on the topic :pray:

Thanks I appreciate that.

It would make a significant difference. TradingView has limits on alerts, watchlist size and all sorts of things and it is a little annoying to have to switch back-and-forth between T212 and TV to analyse charts (using custom scripts) and T212 to set alerts or trade or find a symbol/stock from a watch list… so being able to do everything in T212 would be amazing - AMAZING. I know Christmas is a little while away but I feel like I’ve already written my Christmas wish list :slight_smile:


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