Web App - Advanced View

We’re excited to announce a new Advanced View for our Invest & ISA Web apps. It enables faster access to all core Trading 212 features - Watchlists, Advanced charting tools, Investments & Pending orders, Company details, and Pies.

Switch between Standard & Advanced view at any time by clicking on the home icon in the navigation bar.

The Advanced view enables you to open multiple charts, either in separate tabs or in a split view. You might be familiar with this functionality if you’ve used the old web app, however, with the new Advanced view you can do so much more - you can open up to 50 charts, and in Split view you can lay out up to 16 side by side.

Now you can even choose how exactly you want the chats to be split. See the various arrangement options below.

Manage your investments
Using the table on the bottom of the screen, you can easily manage your investments, pies, pending orders and alerts.

Details panel
You can find everything related to the stock or ETF you’ve selected in the Details panel on the right-hand side - manage your investment, keep up-to-date with your pending orders, review company fundamentals, and more.

One more thing… This update also brings a redesigned version of the history section including the option to export your account history.

We’re awaiting your feedback! In the meantime, we will continue to improve our web app and launch even more features as fast as possible.


Well done, Team 212! :muscle:t3:

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Looks great, and even better on large screens, thanks a lot guys!

One small request/feedback: is there any chance of getting the live result section below the open positions/orders etc. box, like it is in the old web app?

i.e. down here


well done Trading212 :smiley:

This is great to see!


One question: Is there to be any time limit on how much data is retained? Will I always be able to find data for everything since the day I became a client, or will the data history be limited to some number of recent calendar years?


Well done! Missing live result.


Looks awesome! :heart_eyes:

so, why does mine look like this on the side

i.e. my open position section covers the details section unlike yours. sorry, i’m a little nitpicky :stuck_out_tongue:

probably screen too small? mine looks like that when i have it on my macbook screen but on 2nd monitor it is fine

you can click the arrows to hide sections if a bigger screen isn’t available

i’m on a 13.3" screen, so yes your guess is correct, but it didn’t do that on the old version.

i’m also missing the change section dearly. use it for my analysis :grin:

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also, did i mention, great job in the attention to detail paid for the new advanced view, something a nitpicky person like me appreciates a lot. good job team, keep refining it further :clap:

refine = maybe work on optimising page load times?

Mine isn’t doing that anymore on my small screen for some reason, although no idea what I did

:sob: 20 characters!

looks good thanks for the new view but seeing a lot of this reoccurring bug though where day returns are N/A.

probably a dream but worth asking. I would like to see the day return on each chart, would make it to see everything at a glance rather than clicking each one. concept below, cheers!


Amazing! Good job Trading212!
It would be nice if the table with open positions/holdings also offered a possibility to show a daily and gain/loss (both value and %).
Currently there is not really an easy way to see which stocks performed well or badly in your portfolio and you have to go and find out manually.


Nice one! Looks awesome!
It would be nice if you could make it so we can re-arrange the opened chart Tabs, like on the old app!

Also, there’s no number counting your open positions/pies/pending orders/price alerts, like on the old app :slight_smile:

Great work!!! Thank you very much the @T212-Team!!!

One question to the charts:


Releasing on Friday :muscle: #respect