Trading212 - Building their own brokerage trading platform

I’ve asked T212 on Twitter and on this forum and never got a reply hence making a post about this.

I’m only speaking in relation the platform instability, inability to trade and operate due to relying on IB (Interactive Brokers). This affects not only your inability to trade when there’s high volatility but also the stock portfolio is limited to what IB offer.

Therefore my question is: Is Trading212 actively working or looking into building their own brokerage platform? If no, why not?

By building your own brokerage platform you will be able to move faster. While you normally rely on third-party software in this space, why not fully own this core piece of our tech stack: a system that would underpin and power everything that you do. Therefore any new development will be much quicker.

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Trading212 by definition is their own brokerage platform. what you are really asking is why does T212 not move everything in-house and stop relying on IB for execution?

Correct, that’s what I meant.

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costs, it’s expensive infrastructure, the services are also expensive to run and ultimately, you then have to staff a lot of people to fix any possible problems that can occur. all of this would be new to T212 and a constant learning curve.

it’s just currently not feasible to move everything in house and provide a worse service (because they would be starting from the beginning) when there are high quality options available through outsourcing to 3rd parties.

the trend the last decade or so for companies is to stop trying to do everything themselves and instead outsource to the specialists.

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Thanks for your input.

However will wait for @Tony.V @Team212 @David or one of them reply. Interested to hear their take on this.