Transfer from Invest to ISA feature

I am sure this probably has been requested before but a facility where we can transfer shares/etfs from Invest to ISA would be greatly appreciated.

You can transfer cash easily using the move funds option. It’s not allowed to transfer securities from non tax-sheltered to a tax-sheltered account as it will be close to impossible to track capital gains.

Hi George,

I forgot to mention. Yes it was for transferring securities.

Out of curiosity, will there be a bed and ISA option for those wanting T212 to automatically sell and re-buy the same inside the ISA?

Obviously there’s still a small hit between the bid and ask on each one, I’m just think from an efficiency pov.

@Matsuyama At the moment with the markets going shit it’s probably better turning all your stocks/ETFs to cash and waiting a couple of weeks and rebuying the same but getting more shares for your money. :sweat_smile: (Not financial advice :joy:)

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Also, as I imagine you are a British investor @phildawson I thought I’d remind you of the 0.5% tax…
I believe it only applies on LSE stocks though (without including AIM) - Please correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile:.

Yes anything that had stamp duty you’ll be paying it again on buying again.

Also you could be liable for CGT if you made significant profit.

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is it possible to stocks transfer from an isa to an invest account instead?