Question on Buy/Sell prices

I have a GBP share that I bought for 229.84. It’s an AIM stock (Boohoo), so there is no stamp duty. When the SELL price was 229.98, I was still showing a loss on the stock.

Just wondering why this is?

Do you have a screenshot of the return screen showing its negative? Might help spot the reason

If you are using the app the price displayed is the buy price and not the sell price. The sell price will include a small charge which is the spread that T212 takes.

I was using desktop. I dont have a screenshot unfortunately

T212 doesn’t take any spread on the invest or ISA accounts. The bid ask spread is what they get from Interactive Brokers afaik.

If you are seeing some things you would like help with, here is how to post screenshots so we can better see what’s happening.

  1. Cick start and search for “Snipping Tool”
  2. Click new
  3. Draw a box around what you want to capture (Try not to include your email or personal details)
    3.5 Edit: (Sorry) Press Ctrl+C to copy the captured image
  4. Press Ctrl+V to paste it into the forum text box