Anyone transferred from Invest Engine ISA to Trading212 ISA?

Looking to transfer my Invest engine ISA. to trading 212 ISA. Has anyone done this?

Was it in-species or cash? Ideally it would be in-species

I don’t think one can move with stocks from a non ISA account to an ISA account, but I am happy to be corrected. The only was you can move from Invest to ISA is to sell stocks in Invest and move the money to ISA. Of course you may buy back the sold stocks in your ISA account.

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Im not wanting to do non isa to isa. its isa to isa

The App says it supports in-specie.

Ok, my bad. You can transfer stocks from one ISA to another (T212). T212 has a list of banks and platforms they can do so.

I know you defo can. But asking about anyone who has do this specifically.

I saw the list and it’s not listed. But in engine defo support it in and out.

Hopefully trading212 so it soon