Trying to buy shares or clean power hydrogen

Hello I’m trying to buy £5 worth of cph2.
But it’s not going through, it’s been over a week.
I’m just wondering why a stock that’s never talked about is taking so long for a small purchase to go through.

CPH2 is a company with a very small market cap (currently around £20m). Generally, such companies are not traded as much as the big names, and there may be liquidity issues, leading to longer times of execution. Also, the market works on the supply and demand principle, so there needs to be a seller for every buy order.

Rest assured that as soon as the market conditions are sufficient, your order will be executed right away by the system :pray:

You want to include liquidity / volatility in your stock picking.

Not saying you should exclude a company if you deem it to have good fundamentals, but worth knowing how tradable the stock is!