TTI (Tom Tailor Holding)

Morning all

Wondering if any of our Europe-based friends can shed some light on what’s going on with Tom Tailor Holdings.

Haven’t heard of the brand myself. Are they well known in Germany and greater Europe?

Just wondering if the recent activity is recovery related or something else?

Off to do some digging now, but if anyone with hands on experience with the brand, based on location, has any insight, it’s always welcome.



Sorry, literally 30 seconds of digging and I see news of a Chinese takeover. Explains a lot, although admittedly that news was a couple of months ago.

Does this come down to general recovery sentiment then…?

Well I am not into retail sector and what not.

But just purely from real life facts. I have not had any real life quentances who shop at TT specifically, maybe buy occasionally TT shirt in Peek & Cloppenburg.

If I had to put my money on retail, it would be H&M, Inditex(Zara) or ASOS. Now this is not due to fundamentals, just due to Real life facts. Would ofc do DD on them before any action.

Know many women shop there via B&M or online.



I am an owner of some TTI shares, how can I sell them?