So.... that Wayfair (W), eh?

If anyone is considering investing in Wayfair first thing Monday, I’d maybe wait a day or so.

Utterly bonkers, but likely to unsettle the price a bit I’d imagine.

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If its complete nonesense, as it seems, then I don’t think the share price will be affected. :slight_smile:

Nice little dip coming to make some easy profit :eyes:

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do you know what pizza gate is lol? Can’t be saying it’s bonkers there all involved it’s all coming out soon people don’t have a clue man :rofl::rofl::rofl:

And I’d be inclined to agree if not for the fact shorters are very manipulative at the moment and will be doing all they can to scaremonger the retail crowd into selling. Did with Ideanomics a few weeks ago, been doing it to Genius Brands and even Boohoo last week (granted that was legit).

Thing is I did say ‘unsettle’. I feel like it could do either tomorrow. Premarket will be interesting.

As much as I wouldn’t wish this sort of negative press on the company (I use Wayfair quite a bit), I am still kicking myself for not buying in April when I opened my account. Chose a folio of 20 stocks and Wayfair was #22 on the list so didn’t make the cut, along with Spotify at #21. I’m still fuming about both of them. So if it did dip… I might have to pounce.

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In fairness I think @equityinvestor called it.

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Actually, looking at the chart it seems like it opened and went low, it went from closing at 223 USD on Friday to 214 USD within 30 minutes of opening today, but then it has recovered really quickly and its up 2% currently, compared to the closing price on Friday.

Yeah it opened about 2% down. I honestly thought the swing either way might have been worse followed by a quick recovery.

Oh well need to wait for my next opportunity. Second spike maybe.

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