TUI AG Rights Issue


Tui recently announced their rights issue and I was wondering if I can still buy more shares and so increase how many new shares I can purchase or if the cut off happened yesterday?

Apologies if this is in the wrong place or has already been asked.



I’m interested in this as well. Can we add more shares today to be eligible for the rights? From what I read in yahoo finance, Investors holding depositary interests over the Company’s shares (DIs) on 11 January 2021 will be credited with pre-emptive subscription rights (DI Pre-Emptive Rights).

Could someone please confirm that this is the case?


No, anything you do from this morning will not count towards your rights.

“From the beginning of the Subscription Period on 8 January 2021, the existing shares of the Company will be quoted “ex subscription rights””

I thought as much. Thanks for the reply buddy!

Post removed to avoid confusing others. See post by xiano8494 below this.

I understand this is a hot topic currently. We will be able to provide details regarding the event on Monday.


The record date is when they note down who had shares.

The trading of subscription rights refers to the right that you have to trade your rights, not the shares that you obtained the rights against themselves. (Not that there is any way to do that on T212 that I’m aware of. I think we can either take them all or sell them all)

If you go here: TUI AG TUI Stock | London Stock Exchange
You’ll see that under “Special Condition” the share is marked XR (Ex Rights)


Hi, I‘m also interested to know more about this. I have received a letter to confirm whether I purchase or sell the subscription rights.
Could someone please help me to understand how this works? Like, if I purchase, do I get the stocks with with the base subscription price or the current market subscription price (~2.3 at the moment)?
What happens if I sell the subscription rights?
Thanks for the help

Wher did you get the subscription rights email? From T212?

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haven’t received one either?

I didn’t get anything from T212 yet.

My TUI stocks wasnt from T212, got the letter from others.

Hence the reason for my post. Some of my friends who have the TUI stock with other platforms have received emails on Thursday.

But haven’t seen anything from 212 yet.

@Rumen from T212 has said there will be information available on Monday in a post further up.


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Lets wait for T212 feedback. Hopefully they provide it today as promised.

We need to be able to have access to it by today latest.

If you know that this is a hot topic, why is T212 not prepared so far?

Majority of users on other platforms and banks already trade with it. This is not acceptable as it directely touches the investments of users.

Thanks and regards!

Absolutely Right Henry…

I am very disappointed with how trading 212 communicates the topic. This creates an enormous disadvantage for us that cannot stand as it is. Other platforms can already trade the rights. I hope that there will be a solution soon. otherwise we have to take legal action. Trading 212 will be given the subscription rights. They have to forward them. It belongs in our portfolio.

I have contacted 212 online customer help, they said all the shares purchased last Friday qualified for the right issues. But I saw so many confusing comments in other platforms. Really appreciate if this can be clarified

@Rumen @David @Martin @PeterA

Do any of you fine chaps have an update for the users above asking? :slight_smile: