TUI AG Rights Issue

Lets wait for T212 feedback. Hopefully they provide it today as promised.

We need to be able to have access to it by today latest.

If you know that this is a hot topic, why is T212 not prepared so far?

Majority of users on other platforms and banks already trade with it. This is not acceptable as it directely touches the investments of users.

Thanks and regards!

Absolutely Right Henry…

I am very disappointed with how trading 212 communicates the topic. This creates an enormous disadvantage for us that cannot stand as it is. Other platforms can already trade the rights. I hope that there will be a solution soon. otherwise we have to take legal action. Trading 212 will be given the subscription rights. They have to forward them. It belongs in our portfolio.

I have contacted 212 online customer help, they said all the shares purchased last Friday qualified for the right issues. But I saw so many confusing comments in other platforms. Really appreciate if this can be clarified

@Rumen @David @Martin @PeterA

Do any of you fine chaps have an update for the users above asking? :slight_smile:

Got Tui shares in 2 brokers. In Flatex and in Trading212. In Flatex I have already received an email and carried out the capital increase. At 212 there is no mail and no information until now! This is unsustainable because there is a lot of money involved that we can lose.


Would love an in app notification or an email as well. I’m not constantly monitoring this topic. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately german market is now closed and still no feedback so far from T212.

This is not professional on how you act as a company here. You even announced an info for today. Already tried to find a service hotline number to call there. There is nothing.

This can not be.

Apologies for the delay. We are waiting on some confirmations from IB regarding the reflection of the event. We will update you accordingly as soon as we have more information.

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Thank you! At least it helps us to understand that things are progressing :+1:

Thanks, are we going to hear the updates today?

Thank you @Rumen, please keep us updated, even if it means work in progress.

I’ll give benefit of doubt as the previous rights issues were promptly communicated so must have been some issues with this one.

Hi concern and disappointed that we have not heard anything today on TUI, while other platforms have already engaged with their customers. Can you please provide an update and when we will be getting notification to proceed with the next step?

Many thanks

Customer service trading212 contacted last week by chat. No feedback so far until now

Please @trading212 , let us update

This whole post is based on my recent experience of the IAG and RR rights issue processes, and assuming the process is the same this time.

That said, I wouldn’t panic.

T212 don’t allow you to trade the subscription rights. You get two options, take up the rights or T212 will sell your rights to the market at their market value and pass the proceeds to you. If you do nothing, T212 will do the latter.

You will get a notification and an email explaining the details with a link to click if you want to take up your rights.

So, assuming the process is the same this time round, it makes no difference if you got that email yesterday, if you get it right now, or you get it in a week. You will get your shares at the same price (~£1 each) and you will get them at the same time (1-5 days after the end of the subscription period/the pay date:
What is a rights issue? – Trading 212 )

Hope that helps…


Xiano8494 that really helped to read how they handled these types of transactions in the past. Very helpful, thank you :slight_smile:

Any updates? Still waiting

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Also about to ask if anyone has had any info yet regarding this? Friends who use HL have now been offered theirs yet 212 have not give a single update

No information so far. And I don’t understand why. They could at least inform with all the facts like 29/25 ratio…