Tui Delisting - what happens to the LSE shares?

I’ve found the following info on T212 help about what happens if a company delists,
However I am shocked to read that if the LSE delisting of TUI goes ahead and the company becomes solely listed on the DAX, it could mean that anyone who owns TUI shares on the LSE could see their value fall to zero - is this still current thinking please?

"When a stock is delisted from its trading venue, trading is temporarily suspended until further information about the delisting is provided. Once the official terms of the delisting are clarified, we take appropriate actions on our platform following those terms. :ok_hand:

In most cases, delisted stocks undergo a liquidation process at a specific price, or they may be deemed worthless with a price of 0. In the context of US markets, there are instances where stocks listed on NYSE or NASDAQ are moved from the main market to the OTC (Over-the-Counter) Markets. In such cases, if the stock is eligible, we may allow trading with it on the Invest and [ISA] "

Hi I also am down heavily at 62%, thankfully from what I have read all shares with Tui would be valued in euros going forward, which those currently traded in Frankfurt already are - so in effect, the value of your shares would be in euros and not sterling. TUI currently holds a dual listing in Frankfurt and London. Its board said in a statement there had been “significant liquidity migration from England to Germany in recent years, with more than 75 per cent of trading in TUI shares taking place directly via the German share register.” my understanding is your shares will simply move over to the MDAX depending on the board meeting taking place in Feb which should propel the price up long term.

I’ll go out on a limb – no

Why – maths, logic and fungibility

You will either be transferred from LSE to DAX and priced in Euros OR you will be paid out cash (at the EUR to GBP rate at the time)

So long as TUI trades SOMEWHERE it has a VALUE…regardless of venue… this is the notion of fungability… if exactly the same share/co trades on X as Y then X is worth the same as Y +/- a FX diff … otherwise arbitrage… and the price equalises…