TUI LSE delisting


Based on the circular from the latest AGM, which you can find here:

TUI has already officially provided the available options in case of a LSE delisting. You can find them on Page 14 of the above official PDF.

As we now know that the delisting will go through, I’m wondering if Trading212 can comment on which of these options would be feasible for someone holding TUI shares in an ISA account.


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I’m assuming they’ll be transferred to Frankfurt, so we don’t have to do anything. I haven’t received any comms from Trading 212 yet.

For the time being, we’re still awaiting information when it comes to the event. I’ll provide you with an update as soon as we have any news :pray:

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Quick update: Shares traded on the LSE will be moved to XETRA.

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Thanks for the update. Since Trading212 offers the XETRA listing, is it safe to assume, the transfer of the LSE shares will happen automatically then with no further issues?

Nothing is required on your end. As a result of the upcoming delisting from the LSE, your position will be transferred to the Deutsche Börse Xetra.

Update: we have executed the move of shares from LSE to Xetra. Shares were distributed with a ratio of 1-for-1 to the Xetra listing.

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Hi @Bogi.H
Thanks for the update.
Shares are sat in our accounts but showing in £’s rather than Euros presently, with no profit or loss.
Will that change when the official move starts on Monday 24th June please?

You’re welcome :pray: I’ll send you a DM to check the currency that appears on your end further.

Following the stock migration, TUI stock has an average price of £0, if I sell any of it, the entire value of the transaction will be liable for UK capital gains tax instead of just the profit/loss. In my case, it is only a small sum involved, but it might be enough to push me over the tax allowance threshold and generate a pile of paperwork. Will an appropriate average price eventually appear?

I have just checked my account, the amount of shares showing is cost showing is far less, also i saw in my transaction history and it showed that the shares were sold with a huge loss, didn’t quite get the process, is this still in process to update my account with correct shares and the equivalent amount in Xetra?

@JoeM, it would be best to contact your local tax authorities about any tax-related questions. As for the average price, we won’t make any further adjustments.

@koletisai, shares were distributed with a ratio of 1-for-1 to the Xetra listing. Therefore, LSE shares were closed at 0.00 GBP. You can check this in the ‘History’ → ‘Orders’ tab. Then, we distributed the new shares with a value of 0.00 EUR.

@Bogi.H Thanks, your reply to Koletisai was helpful, since the capital gain will be balanced by the capital loss, which I hadn’t noticed.